Folk Arts Tour

Folk Arts Tour


Explore the two neighboring towns of Yingge and Sansia. Yingge is Taiwan's ceramic and potter capital, producing magnificent hand-painted works of art, from earthernware tea sets to delicate statues. Visit Sansia's Ching Shui Tsu Shih Temple, considered one of the world's finest examples of current Chinese temple art built in 1769.

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  • Day : 1 Folk Arts Tour

    This tour visits Taipei's neighboring town of Yingge and Sansia, Yingge is Taiwan's pottery capital, a small town that produces hand-painted replicas of elegant Ming and Ching vases, such as those that graced the palaces in Beijing. The old Yingge pottery street is famous for its ceramic and pottery stores. You'll have the opportunity to purchase some of these exquisite items. Every October, the town holds a pottery street festival. The tour continues to the traditional country town of Sansia, originally called Sanjiauyung. The main attraction in Sansia is the artistic Ching Shui Tsu Shih Temple, built in 1769 and destroyed in the 1833 earthquake, later rebuilt in 1867. The temple is famous for its camphor wood carvings, a graded A historic site and of of Taipei's major temples. Take a stroll along the beautiful old street of Sansia, lined with old western style buildings decorated with wood carvings as well as bronze and stone sculptures.

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