8 Days Taiwan Classic Tour

8 Days Taiwan Classic Tour


Features: - Visit the culturally and geographically unique island paradise of Taiwan, where Aboriginal, Chinese, and Japanese cultures have created one of the most prosperous nations in the world! - Visit Taroko National Park, an unforgettable landscape and home to one of the best views of Taiwan. -Travel to Alishan National Scenic Area, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Home to misty forests and relaxing resorts, it is the best location on Taiwan to catch the sunrise! -Take a luxurious cruise on Sun & Moon Lake, another timeless location showcasing Taiwan's natural beauty -Enjoy Taiwan's unique local food culture; try their Buddhist vegetarian cooking, Taiwanese xiaochi or "small eats", and take a late night stroll through the night markets, a local favorite! Optional activities for an additional fee include: ($100 a person - already calculated into price) -Jiufen Old Street, Kenting National Park, Chikan Towers, Ta Shee Old Street, Sun and Moon Lake

Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

  • Day : 1 Home to Taipei

    Today we board our international flight to the capital of Taiwan, Taipei.

  • Day : 2 Taipei

    Upon arrival at Taoyuan International Airport, we either take a daily pick-up bus service to the hotel at 8am, 12pm, or 11:30pm, or arrange transportation on your own to the hotel. Depending on your time of arrival, you will have time to explore the city at your leisure or relax at the hotel.

    Hotel As Per Itinerary: 100|Orchard Park Hotel|4

  • Day : 3 Taipei, National Palace Museum, North Link Railway to Hualian

    After breakfast our day begins at the National Palace Museum, home to the largest collection of Chinese cultural and historical artifacts in the world! This museum contains to many priceless treasures, only 1% of the collection is ever out on display at any given time. Afterwards we journey to Jiufen Old Street, a previously prosperous gold mine that became abandoned after the gold was all dug out. A Taiwanese film in 1990 has brought attention to this region and is now a popular tourist attraction. In the afternoon we take the North Link Railway through the Hsueh Shan tunnel to Hualian where we spend the night.

    Hotel As Per Itinerary: 100|Hualian Li Shiuan Hotel|4

    Meals Included: Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner
  • Day : 4 Hualian, Taroko National Park, Marble Factory, Tropic of Cancer, Taitung

    Today we explore the unforgettable Taroko National Park, a land of many beautiful and unique natural attractions. The Wallow Grotto is perhaps the most amazing attraction onsite, where you can see the cliff face covered in swallows nests. While in the park we will also explore the Tunnel of Nine Turns and the Changchun Temple. After lunch we learn about the marble industry at the marble factory. In the afternoon a quick trip to the Tropic of Cancer monument and the Stone Umbrella before heading to Taitung, a land of natural hot springs, for a relaxing evening at one of their famous hot spring resorts!

    Hotel As Per Itinerary: 100|Dong Tair Spa Hotel|4

    Meals Included: Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner
  • Day : 5 Taitung, Kenting National Park, Southern Point, Longpan Park, Kaohsiung

    Today we begin our journey at the Coral Museum, where we can better understand the local geography and purchase some unique artifacts. Afterwards we travel to the Kenting National Park, a land of unparalleled beauty. It is Taiwan's only tropic rainforest preserve, with a gorgeous scenic view of the ocean. In the evening we arrive in Kaohsiung, where we explore their famous night market for dinner on our own, pick and choose from all the amazing food this market has to offer!

    Hotel As Per Itinerary: 100|Hotel Sunshine|4

    Meals Included: Breakfast , Lunch
  • Day : 6 Pearl Exhibition Center, Chikan Towers, Confucian Temple, Tea Farm, Alishan Forest Recreation Area, Chiayi

    This morning we make a stop to the Pearl Exhibition Center. Being an island nation many remarkable pearl finds are discovered every year. Then we visit Chikan Towers, built by the dutch in 1653, and the Confucian Temple, built in 1665 and is considered to be the first formal school in all of Taiwan. In the afternoon we travel to Taiwan's most beloved mountain park: Alishan Forest Recreation Area. This mountain park has been revered by the people of Taiwan for generations as place to relax, reflect, and watch the sunrise. Alishan is also a famous land for tea, as the unique weather and high altitude create some of the most delicious tea on the Earth. In the evening we stay at the base of the mountain in Chiayi.

    Hotel As Per Itinerary: 100|Esun Villa Hotel|4

    Meals Included: Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner
  • Day : 7 Sun Moon Lake & Boat Tour, Syuanguan Temple, Thao Cultural Center, Ta Shee Old Street, Taipei Night Market

    A panoramic drives takes us to the famous Sun Moon Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Taiwan. Because the lake is separated by an island which make the south park looks like the crown of sun, and the north part looks like new moon, so it is named Sun Moon Lake. Inside the lake you will also find Syuanguang Temple, which is built as a memorial of Xuanzang traveled to west for obtaining the sutras. Then you will visit Thao cultural Centers, where many objects related to Thao culture are displaying, also you can admire traditional Thao song and dance performance. Lastly go to Ta Shee Old Street, a historical attraction where you can find many old buildings and traditional small shops.

    Hotel As Per Itinerary: 100|Orchard Park Hotel|4

    Meals Included: Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner
  • Day : 8 Presidential Palace, Freedom Square, Home

    Our final breakfast in Taiwan is followed by a visit to the Presidential Palace, the home of the President of Taiwan and a central hub of the government. Nearby we visit Freedom Square, built to memorialize Chiang Kai-Shek, leader of the Kuomingtang (Guomingdang). Lastly we transfer to the international airport for a safe flight home! (Please book your flight with a departure time between 3pm - 7pm)

    Meals Included: Breakfast

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