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Shandong is famous for the grand Mount Tai, the “Cradle of Chinese civiliza...

12 Days Shandong Treasures Tour


Shandong is famous for the grand Mount Tai, the “Cradle of Chinese civilization” Yellow River, and the great philosopher Confucius. Starting in Beijing, and visit Yantai, witness the mystique of Penglai and the port city Weihai, a popular trade route with neighboring Korea. In Qingdao, follow the steps of Qinshihuang to Laoshan, rumored to contain the secret to eternal youth. Traveling onward to Taian, and take an excursion to Mount Tai, visit Qufu, the hometown of Confucius and famous for its Sankong, the Three Confucian Sites, and finally, Jinan, famous for its 72 Springs, a statue in the Chuancheng Square is its landmark, celebrating its status as “Spring City.”

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Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

  • Day : 1 USA to Beijing

    We fly to Beijing, the starting point for our Shandong adventure.

  • Day : 2 Arrive in Beijing

    Arrive in the nation’s capital and greet our tour guide in the arrivals hall. Transfer to our luxury accommodations and rest up for tomorrow’s tour to Shandong Province.

    Hotel As Per Itinerary: 263|New Otani Hotel|5

  • Day : 4 Yantai - Penglai - Weihai

    Our sightseeing tour of Yantai starts with an excursion to Penglai, a fairyland-like resort on the northernmost tip of Shangdong Peninsula. The mystique of Penglai is mostly ascribed to the mirages that occur beyond the sea, and the Penglai Pavilion proves an ideal place for watching the sea, the sunrise, and the sunset. Later, Yantai Hill is visited. Located in the north part of the city, Yantai Hill with its” Yantai Stone” Lighthouse has become the symbol and one of the must-see in Yantai. In the afternoon, we tour toward the famed port city Weihai by motor coach.

    Hotel As Per Itinerary: 263|Haiyue Jianguo Hotel|5

    Meals Included: Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner
  • Day : 3 Beijing to Yantai

    Free at leisure before transfer to the airport for a flight bound for Yantai. Upon arrival, we immediately begin our city tour with a visit to Zhangyu Winery Museum. The Zhangyu Winery was established in 1892, mainly produces brandy and red wines, and now is the largest winery in Asia. Enjoy the chance to sample the wine.

    Hotel As Per Itinerary: 263|Sheraton Yantai Golden Beach Resort|5

    Meals Included: Breakfast , Dinner
  • Day : 5 Weihai to Qingdao

    Weihai was known as Weihaiwei before. There is Liugong Island known as “Fence in the East”, has been opened as a state forest park. During the Sino-Japanese War, the commander’s headquarters of the Chinese Beiyang Navy was built on the island. The Jiawuzhanzheng Museum and Huancui Park are also visited before we leave for Qingdao, a beautiful harbour city on the Yellow Sea. Numerous European style villas and churches have turned this city into a veritable world architecture museum. After a whole day sightseeing, a fine seafood dinner will be provided for your enjoyment.

    Hotel As Per Itinerary: 263|Le Meridien|5

    Meals Included: Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner
  • Day : 6 Qingdao - Laoshan - Qingdao

    Our day starts with a visit to Laoshan, the “Top Spectacular Mountain on the sea”. Renowned of the visits of Qinshihuang and Emperor Wudi of the Han, Laoshan is famous as the cradle of Chinese Taoism as well. Taiqing Palace, the most famous Taoist temple in Laoshan, is visited as well. Qingdao Beer is one of the finest brands in China. The Qingdao Beer Museum was built in celebration of the 100- year anniversary of the brand. We visit the museum and have a chance to sample the beer. In the afternoon we take a boat ride to the sea, and overlook the beautiful Little Qingdao Isle far away. Zhanqiao Pier and Zhanshan Temple are visited before we end up the day with a Shandong specialty cuisine dinner.

    Hotel As Per Itinerary: 263|Le Meridien|5

    Meals Included: Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner
  • Day : 7 Qingdao to Taian

    After visits to Xiaoyushan Park (Little Fish Hill), the May Fourth Square and Sculpture Museum, we depart Qingdao and drive to Taian, an ancient city renowned for Mount Tai.

    Hotel As Per Itinerary: 263|Four Points by Sheraton Taian|5

    Meals Included: Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner
  • Day : 8 Taian

    Whole day excursion to Mount Tai, a historical and cultural significance located north of Taian. As one of the “Five Sacred Mountains” in China, Mt. Tai has been a place of worship for emperors for at least 3,000. Since 1987, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Our first stop at the foot of Mt. Tai is Dai Temple, the largest and most complete ancient building complex in the area. From here, we go up to the summit via cable car.

    Hotel As Per Itinerary: 263|Four Points by Sheraton Taian|5

    Meals Included: Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner
  • Day : 9 Taian - Qufu - Taian

    Today we take an excursion to Qufu, the hometown of Confucius. The three most famous cultural sites of the city, collectively known as Sankong (The Three Confucian Sites), are the Temple of Confucius, the Cemetery of Confucius, and the Kong Family Mansion. Together, these three sites have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. Before we drive back to Taian, we enjoy Kong Family Banquet.

    Hotel As Per Itinerary: 263|Four Points by Sheraton Taian|5

    Meals Included: Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner
  • Day : 10 Taian to Jinan

    Proceed to Jinan with a stop at Lingyen Temple. Upon arrival at Jinan, the city tour shows us some famous attractions including Bao Tu Springs, Daming Lake, and Chuancheng Square. Taste Shangdong specialty cuisine for dinner.

    Hotel As Per Itinerary: 263|Hyatt Regency Hotel|5

    Meals Included: Breakfast , Lunch , Dinner
  • Day : 11 Jinan - Beijing

    Our Shandong adventure draws to a close as we depart Jinan and board a high speed train bound for Beijing. Upon arrival at Beijing, transfer to hotel and enjoy the rest of the day free at leisure.

    Hotel As Per Itinerary: 263|New Otani Hotel|5

    Meals Included: Breakfast
  • Day : 12 Beijing to USA

    Board the international flight back home.

    Meals Included: Breakfast

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